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Most commonly asked questions during calls with new or potentially new customers:

  • HOW LONG DOES THE PROCESS TAKE? The minimum process time from start to finish is five business days. That’s the minimum. The challenge is that it can and often does take longer. Everything has lived a different life. Therefore, we have no idea how much time each project will require.
  • DO I NEED AN APPOINTMENT TO BRING IN MY PROJECT? Yes for car bodies & pickup cabs, not for just parts. We just want to know when someone is coming with a car body or pickup cab and parts. Most of our business is out of state. Meaning there is a long travel time to get here. We just want to be ready for you when you get here.
  • WHAT IF I JUST HAVE PARTS? We run parts daily. If it’s just parts, bring them. We’ll get them going right away. Parts are generally done in less than 3 weeks from the time we receive them.
  • HOW FAR OUT ARE YOU? Do you mean when can I bring my project in? You can bring your project anytime. It just must be ready. Bring it anytime, we just want to know when you’re coming so we’re ready for you.