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Mining Tanks

Mining, Drilling, Rock Crushing  Equipment Tanks

We clean steel fuel tanks for mining, drilling, rock crushing equipment. Oregon is logging country.  This requires lots of roads and road maintenance requiring lots of gravel.

If your equipment has steel tanks it’s almost certain we can clean them.

Fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, oil tanks, if they are steel and you need them cleaned we can do it!!

Pape Machinery, Triad Machinery, Modern, and other regularly send us tanks to clean.

Rust or fire damaged tanks no problem for us. We can generally clean them in a matter of a few days. Getting your expensive equipment back up and running as quickly as we possible is key. We understand this and will do all we can to get your tank clean and back to you as quickly as possible.

Most tanks come out looking almost like new.

Know it’s a full clean.  Inside and out.  You’ll have to repaint them when we’re done. Even with that we’re sure you’ll be saving a ton of money and probably lots of time by having us clean it.

We’ll help get you back up and running faster and cheaper than sourcing a new tanks.

We’re here to help.