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99 out of 100 tanks requires at least one small hole strategically drilled into the tank.

It’s important to understand and remember we know what we’re doing.  Cleaning tanks is one of the many things we do routinely for customers all across the country. 

Just to be sure, we know what we’re doing.  We know fuel tanks, we know our cleaning process, and we know what what needs to be done if you want it clean.

The single most frustrating and difficult part of cleaning most fuel tanks:  discussing the vent hole with the customer!!!

All too often when potential customers hear about the hole they seems to totally forget that we know what we’re going.  They want to us all about how their tank already has a hole, or two, or three in it.  No shit, it’s a fuel tank.  That means there has to be at least one hole.  Often two or three holes.  Those are not strategically place for the purpose of cleaning!!

Now for a third time, we know what we’re doing.

If you want your tank as clean as we can get it inside, it requires the vent hole. 

Most of the time the vent holes are drilled with a 1/8th inch drill bit.  Very small hole, just enough to vent out the air.

If you’re okay with your tank being half to three quarters clean inside we can run it without the vent hole.  Just know you’re still going to be charged 100% of our fee.

No if you’re like most fuel tank callers in the past ten years you’re thinking “I don’t understand, it already has a hole here and a hole there”.

To that I say “Wow, no shit”  “thanks for letting me what we already know”


We DO NOT clean just the inside of tanks.  Please don’t waste your time or ours asking.