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Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions during calls with new or potentially new customers:

  • HOW LONG DOES THE PROCESS TAKE? The minimum process time from start to finish is five business days. That’s the minimum. The challenge is that it can and often does take longer.  Motorcycle fuel tank customers expect 4 weeks, maybe longer if you have a tank liner, automotive fuel tanks expect 3 weeks, maybe less but I don’t call in less than 3 weeks cause we won’t answer, heavy equipment and tractor tanks expect up to 2 weeks depending on many factors.
  • DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO DRILL A VENT HOLE? Yes.  If you want it clean anyway.  99 out of a 100 tanks require us to strategically drill a small vent hole.  Typically 1/8 inch.  See Vent Hole page for details and understanding.
  • WHAT IF I HAVE A FEW EXTRA PARTS? We clean steel.  If you have additional parts, we can clean them to for an additional charge.
  • HOW FAR OUT ARE YOU? We clean all smaller parts as quickly as we can.  We start cleaning most smaller items within a day or two from when we receive them. Keep in mind there is nothing “quick” about our process.  It’s right or not at all.  The time required is the time required.  Generally